Sunday, April 17, 2011

Project MAYA - Puppet Head

After reading the brief and doing some reaseacrh into different puppet types.  I decided the model a head of a Easter Island Statue.

v1 - I imported reference images onto plane and created a primivate half a head.

I had created a version in the class but for some reason the normals on the faces had got mixed up and when looking at the model it didn't look correct.

I started from fresh at home and developed my head.

v2 - You can see the original version of the head where I was having problems

v3 - I have mirrored the other half of the head

v4 - More Complex Head with reference Pictures

v5 - Head Complete - Using Smoothing

v6 - for some reason I skipped a verison

v7 - I included some headphones to give the statue some personality

Final Render

I added the Physical Sun and Sky

Useful Websites

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