Sunday, April 17, 2011

Scan Project

After experimenting with different cameras I decide to use the 50fps capability at 1280x720 on my Canon 550D.

I shot a simple 6 second clip of the my cat (Mowgli) who managed to sit still for about 5 seconds before running out of shot.  The video file of this shot was  I copied this to my portable drive.  I then started the long process of creating a short animation with this clip.

Task 1 - Cut Out the Cat

It is recommended that when camera matching you have to remove any moving objects.  I imported "" and using After Effects CS4 masked out the cat any created a Targa Image Seqence "215-Master_nocat_00274.tga"

Task 2 - Track the Environment

I used MatchMover 2011 to track the image sequence and generate the required point data for 3D Studio Max

This is when I first noticed that I had shot @ 50 fps I had twice the number of files to track. 304 in total.

When importing into 3D Studio Max you have to make sure your Z-axis is point the correct way and also the Y and X axis.  It took a few attempted to get the axis in the correct direction.  I was pleased with the results after I had finished this stage.

Task 3 - Composite Tests

I started off by experimenting with simple 3D shapes in my new 3D enviroment and placing them all over the paved area of my scene.  I founded that I got best results when I aligned my 3D assett to a cluster of points on my scene as individual points seemed not to have a stable track.

I was not happy with putting to many objects in my scene and non-organic shapes seemed to make the CG elements less believable.  I decided to not put any objects in the path of the cat as it would make the scene harder to mask out.

Task 4 - 3D Scan of Face

After a few experiments I got my friend Jim to take 26 pics of around my face with me sat against a wall.  It as amazing how hard it its to sit still.

I took the pictures into a program called AgiSoft PhotoScan and generated a 3D mesh of my face from the 26 pics

I took the mesh into Zbrush and using the smooth tool mainly, tidied up the mesh to get rid of any lumps and bumps.

Task 5 - 3D Scan of Statue

Again using AgiSoft PhotoScan and a set of pictures of a tidy statue I have got in my study I generated a mesh.

Statue 1 = Original Scan
Statue 2 = Smoothed Object after ZBrush
Statue 3/4 = Experiments with 3D Studio Max and cutting into the original mesh

Task 6 - 3D Studio Max

I took my head scan and statue scan and placed them in my environment.  I applied a stone texture to the statue and a chrome/metallic finish to the heads.  I followed the youtube video "" to create realistic shadows.  I used the original movie as a reflection to add realism.

Task 7 - After Effects

I composited the scene together

backgound = original footage
layer 1 = CG elements
layer 2 =  copy of original footage and just a mask of the cat to solve the problem when the cat walks infront of layer1

I then created a master file (6 secs) 50fps

Task 8 - Premiere

I cut the 6 sec clip into 2 sections A = 4 sec B = 2 secs

I then repeated and reverse part A of the clip so it looked like the camera was panning back and forth.  The final clip went Reverse A 100% speed,A 100% speed,Reverse A 80% speed,A 80% speed,Reverse A 100% speed,A 100% speed,B

Task 9 - After Effects 2

I took the last "Reverse A 100% speed,A 100% speed," 18:34 secs to 34:13 secs and apply a scale and position chnages to give the effect that the camera was zooming in on the head.


I added the sound track "On Wings of Song - Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy" as I am getting married soon and it is one of the pieces that is getting played  at the wedding.

Final Version =

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